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The Best Natural After Sun Skincare | Alice England How does after sun help? It’s job is to soothe the skin.
cocoa butter aftersun skin care Cocoa butter is intensely rich and hydrating
Calendula after sun skin care products Calendula flowers are known for their healing powers
The Best Natural After Sun Skincare Comfrey is used to soothe and heal

The best natural skincare after a day in the sun

When we think of natural solutions to soothe the skin after a day in the sunshine, we tend to think about Aloe Vera - and for good reason. Have you ever squeezed it straight from the plant itself? So satisfying! However, there are lots of other natural ingredients that work wonders when skin has been left parched and sensitive by the sun as well.

Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and calendula can all be healing additions to skincare, whilst being gentle at the same time. Each has its own magical properties, and that’s why we include them in our products. They’re great for use as an aftersun, but they go far beyond that as well.

What happens when you get sunburn?

We all know what sunburn is. It’s hot, it’s itchy, it’s painful and it’s red, but what actually happens to our skin?

Sunburn is the body’s natural reaction to damage caused by too much ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The redness is an inflammatory response where extra blood is sent to the damaged skin to help it heal, while the heat dries it out.

In the short term, that ultimately leads to flaking, sometimes blistering, and very dry skin. In the mid-term it usually leads to a tan, and in the long-term it can lead to sun damage in the form of broken capillaries, sun spots and pigmentation, blotchiness and wrinkles.

What does after sun do?

How does after sun help? It’s job is to soothe the skin. That might mean cooling it, calming irritation, hydrating, moisturising and encouraging the skin to heal. It might not be able to totally prevent long-term damage like sunspots, but it can be very effective at making skin feel more comfortable, helping to limit dryness and reducing redness.

The benefits of our favourite healing ingredients

Cocoa butter: Intensely rich and hydrating, cocoa butter contains lots of essential fatty acids that help to soothe and nourish skin. It’s also anti-inflammatory and it can help to protect against UV rays.

Shea butter: As an anti-inflammatory, shea butter is great for reducing redness and swelling as well as being extremely moisturising. It’s nutrients and vitamins are also great for healing.

Coconut oil: Best applied after the skin has cooled rather than straight away, coconut oil can really help to moisturise dry skin once the burn itself has subsided.

Calendula: These flowers have long been used for their healing powers and support in soothing burns.

Comfrey: Comfrey can be used in skincare in general to soothe and heal. After sunburn has subsided a little, it’s a great way to reduce inflammation, treat wounds and keep skin healthy.

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