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Alice  England

Recycling, Packaging and refills

I know we can’t change the world individually – I wish we could!


Aliceengland.com has been created as a one stop shop for you to enhance your natural beauty, whilst keeping your impact on the environment to a minimum.

We make an effort to carefully source products from companies that care, like Zao Make-Up, which not only uses sustainable palm oil but also uses sustainable bamboo with minimal plastic in their packaging.

Read more about why we started our quest to natural beauty on our about page


Our own brand shampoos, conditioners and body care packaging is fully recyclable and the boxes we send out are made from over 60% recycled cardboard*. Our inner packing is biodegradable corn starch packing, and any bubble wrap used to help deliver your goods safely is re-used from the original manufacturers. (This can also be recycled but check with your local council. Some supermarkets have special recycling bins for soft plastic including bubble wrap.) We also use UK based manufacturers of packaging to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We are currently working towards our mission to make all our products refillable where possible to further omit unnecessary plastic.

We have also introduced a ‘Plastic Free’ range of soaps, shaving and shampoo bars which come to you in fully recycled and acid free tissue paper reducing the use of cardboard or plastic that most soap bars are packaged in.

* On average our corrugated cardboard boxes are approximately 2/3 recycled & 1/3 virgin material. Corrugated cardboard has a recycling rate of 91% in the UK – the highest of any type of packaging. In addition all paper based raw materials come from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) members – trees being replanted, not depleted.


We allow you to make your own Eco Choices at checkout – like allowing you to ‘opt out’ of applicator bottles for hair dye if you already have one. We'll soon be expanding this to include selecting to use our online leaflets instead of having the printed leaflets and instructions sent out each time. Can you imagine how much plastic and paper is wasted in the stores by each individual hair dye coming with a new applicator? We think it’s time you had the choice.

We hope that by choosing to shop with us we can make it easier for you to make your own little difference to the planet! This is guilt free beauty - this is Alice England.com

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