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It's Pure organic henna hair colour

It's Pure Henna Hair Colour

It's Pure Organics henna powder is an award-winning range of totally organic henna hair colour and is the only hair dye certified as organic by The Soil Association. 100% organic, It's Pure Organics hair dye is free from PPD, ammonia and peroxide, so is well suited for those with allergies to synthetic hair dyes, whilst ayurvedic herbs will leave your hair in fabulous condition, boosting volume and shine.

You can relax with a clear conscience as well – all ingredients are grown on a fair for life certified farm in India, whilst the dye is expertly blended in the UK.

As a natural product that is free from bleaching agents, it can only work with your natural hair colour. It's Pure Organics hair dye is ideal for covering greys, darkening your hair, or adding undertones. Take a look at our colour choice tips for advice on finding the right colour for you.

It's important to remember that henna hair colour works with your natural hair colour, so exact results vary dependant on your existing colour.

Click "How will this look?" beneath any colour for advice on how that dye will work with different hair colours.

At a glance...
100% Organic
Free from PPD, Ammonia and Peroxide
No Bleaching Agent
Cruelty Free and Vegan

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Henna Hair Dye Colours

golden blonde
How will this look? £11.95
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Strawberry Blonde Its Pure Organics Henna Hair Dye
strawberry blonde
How will this look? £11.95
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Its Pure Organics Auburn Henna Hair Colour
How will this look? £11.95
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Red Henna It's Pure Organics Organic Hair Dye
How will this look? £10.95
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It's Pure Organics Chestnut Henna Hair Dye
How will this look? £11.95
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It's Pure Organics Natural Brown Henna Hair Colour
natural brown
How will this look? £11.95
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Dark Brown Henna Its Pure Organics Organic Hair Colour
dark brown
How will this look? £11.95
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Very Dark Brown It's Pure Organics Henna Powder Hair Dye
very dark brown
How will this look? £11.95
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Indigo Black It's Pure Organic Organic Hair Dye Henna Powder
indigo black
How will this look? £10.95
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It's Pure Organics Hair Dye Tester Samples
it's pure testers
Pick Colours £1.50

Usage Instructions

It’s Pure Organics Henna Powders are simple to use – just add the powder to warm water in a non-metallic bowl, mix into a paste and apply. Cover your hair with the plastic cap provided and a warm towel and wait for the colour to develop.

The amount of time It's Pure Organics henna needs to be left on varies with each shade from 30mins to 4 hours, so follow the full instructions in your individual pack carefully.

For those wanting to extend the longevity of henna colours even further, we stock Logona’s Mineral Clay Pre-Treatment and Colour Fix After Treatment.


The It's Pure Organics colours are each made of a mix containing the following organic ingredients:

Cassia Auriculata (Cassia), Indigofera Tinctoria (Indigo), Rheum Palmatum (Rhubarb Root), Lawsonia Inermis (Henna), Emblica Officinalis (Amla), Curcuma Longa (Turmeric), Azhadiracta Indica (Neem), Acacia Concinna (Shikakai)

Exact composition varies by shade - click 'how will it look' beneath the shade of your choice to see the list for that shade.

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