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We don’t just sell our products - we know them. Our friendly team share decades of experience in natural hair and body products, and we’re happy to help with any questions you may have.

Are any of your products organic?

Many of the products we sell contain organic ingredients and all contain natural ingredients. As far as possible we limit the use of synthetic chemicals and use gentle alternatives where chemicals cannot be avoided.

Over the years there have been a number of controversies concerning the term “chemicals”, in the light of new research we constantly monitor the ingredients of all our products, a process which is ongoing. These days we are all more aware and better informed about health issues. Many materials – both natural and man-made have a definite chemical composition so no manufacturer can claim that any product is devoid of chemicals.

All our products carry a clear ingredients listing within the packaging so that our customers may make an informed choice whether or not to use a product at the outset. Where updated ingredients will achieve the same results it is our policy to make changes accordingly, as soon as really workable alternatives become available and as soon as practicably possible.

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