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Alice  England
Wellbeing and Health Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil | Alice England

Wellbeing benefits of sweet almond oil

In addition to its natural skincare benefits, almond oil has a reputation for its wider health properties as well.

It can be incorporated into diet, as an oil or in the form of almonds themselves, and is a source of vitamins E and K as well as healthy fats. As it’s rich in unsaturated fats, almonds are linked to heart health, lowering blood pressure and can support healthy weight loss. Some say it can help with stabilising blood sugar levels and managing cholesterol levels.

Sweet almond oil is recommended drizzled over salad or pasta as some information suggests that high temperatures could make it less beneficial. Of course, whenever you introduce a new ingredient to your diet you should make sure you’re doing so with an approved food product and check for any allergies first!

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