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Alice  England
Natural Skincare Helped Nurture My Sensitive Skin | Alice England “I feel like I’m taking care of my skin."
Calming Chamomile moisturiser Calming Chamomile moisturiser

Natural skincare helped nurture my sensitive skin

One of the most wonderful things is not only hearing that someone likes our products, but that they have also had a positive impact on how they feel in their own skin.

As sensitive skin sufferers ourselves, we know what it feels like when your skin is angry. That’s why it was such a joy to hear from our dear friend Nicole, when she used our Sensitive line including our Calming Chamomile cleanser, tonic and moisturiser.

Nicole shared that having gone her whole life being perfectly able to use any skincare product she liked (she has even worked in the cosmetics industry), she has been struggling with extremely sensitive skin since having a reaction to a course of antibiotics a couple of years ago. Her skin flared up, and it took a good 12 months to return to normal.

While her skin was recovering, her doctor had recommended using Zerobase for washing and moisturising skin, which is a very simple, often prescribed product. As a beauty fan, she was keen to get back to using a nice, enjoyable skincare line. However, she was understandably nervous about aggravating her skin again and each time she applied a new product it did start to flare up.

Having been recommended to try our Sensitive collection, she has not had any reactions to date.

Nicole says:

“I feel like I’m taking care of my skin and I’m enjoying being able to use a cleanser, toner and moisturiser again. I know the power of those ingredients; I like to live well with as few processed things as possible in my diet, and it’s lovely to be able to stay as close to nature as possible in my skincare now too! I was nervous about using sun cream for the first time this year for fear of it flaring my skin up again, but I had to apply it to protect my skin particularly in the warmer weather. Having put it on, I did feel it start to prickle and sure enough it did irritate my skin. I continued using Alice England’s products as usual and to my amazement it seemed to calm the irritation. After a couple of days, it was completely gone. I give credit to Alice England’s sensitive skincare products for this.”

As a mum of two, Nicole is also planning to introduce her children to good daily skincare routines using our products, knowing that they’re not putting ‘harsh chemicals’ on their faces. That confidence really must be one of the nicest compliments we could have!

On Instagram Nicole posted: 

“As you have seen I have done a few shout outs for help with my problem area of skin on my face.

It calmed down a lot and I really wanted to try to do a normal cleanse, tone, moisturise routine but every product I tried made the problem area flare up again.

My lovely friend recommended this sensitive range by @aliceenglanduk. I have been using it for over a week and I’m a very happy girl! No flare up or reaction at all. Never mind how lush the products (and packaging) are.

I was nervous when I had to apply sunscreen this week as usually this would regress my problem area... it started to flare up a bit (due to the sunscreen) - but using these products seem to have kept the reaction to a minimum and actually calmed it down completely after a day or so.

I’m so chuffed to have finally found something to use. It’s got chamomile in it which is really soothing and calming. No fragrance in it. All natural ingredients.

I was even more delighted to see they are vegan friendly, cruelty free, made in the UK, and much more to shout about. I plan to start my daughter on her skincare routine with these products too.”

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