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Alice  England

Alice England - what are we about?

Hi I’m Alice, I have worked within the hair care and cosmetic industry for over 14 years. I have always looked after my skin using the very best products I could afford, even if that meant eating beans every day as a student – hey we all want to feel good right?

Two years ago I became a vegan and started to search for high quality skin care that was both vegan and cruelty free. I found some vegan products, but they weren’t nearly as effective as the products I had been used to. When I became pregnant, I researched some suspect chemicals reported to be in many cosmetics including skin and haircare and became more concerned that both my baby and I were taking a risk with our health - all for the sake of vanity. I found I was constantly having to read ingredients in the small print and this inspired me to create a brand that made a clear statement as to what each product was free from. I reported this back to my family who have been in the haircare industry for many years. As a family we decided to invest some of our resources into developing our own products to produce what was clearly missing from a seemingly crowded and confusing marketplace.

We Have tried to make it as clear as possible what is not in our products using a clear ‘tick box’ format on the front of our labels. Alice England brand shampoos are free from both SLS and parabens and use plant extracts and essential oils from nature, because let’s face it – nature knows best! So if like me you want to continue loving the skin you’re in for the rest of your life, you care about your health, the health of the planet, you care about animal welfare, perhaps you’re even a vegan; we now have what you are looking for.

This is guilt free beauty - this is Alice